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Autism-A bad bacteria in the stomach called Sutterella Wadsworth is only found in autistic children.  This bacterium is infectious and resistant to lots of pharmaceutical drugs.  Autism unfortunately develops in the early years of life between the ages of 1 and 3 and is difficult to detect.  How best to avoid autism may start at birth or before birth in the womb or how the baby’s micro flow digestive tract is formed.  We know that autistic children have a deficiency branch chained amino acids which are normally produced in the body.  This deficiency causes loss of appetite and food intake which is the opposite of what an autistic child needs since they are high energy bodies.  Supplements need to be Bragg’s Amino Acids which contain branched amino acids.  Other suggested supplements should include Colloidal Minerals for all Trace Minerals, Digestive Enzymes and yogurt. Unheated sauerkraut is suggested for better digestion because it contains good bacteria and helps eliminate bad bacteria.

Also N-Acetyl-Cysteine helps increase Glutathione which is the body’s main detoxifier and autistic children’s is low.  Take DMG which helps with detoxification and stamina.  Take this subsequently because DMF is produced in the body as an amino acid, as it increases blood oxygen and decreases aggressiveness.  Make sure your DMG supplement contains Folic Acid or Folate and Vitamin B12.

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Alzheimer’s-Many theories exist on how this disease gets started in the brain such as:  toxic build-up of aluminum from cooking in pots and pans and anti-perspirants which have aluminum sulfate.  Aluminum enters the brain due to calcium, magnesium ansilica deficiencies.  As it enters it inhibits the production of the myelin sheathing that protects the nerve allowing beta amyloids to flourish.  Also deficiencies in mineral and trace minerals in the western diets since westerners have the highest rates of Alzheimer’s in the world.  Alzheimer’s is also referred to by some as a form of diabetes due to the high consumption and is the root of many ailments afflicting the western world.  Another theory is that Beta amyloids accumulate and slows down the brains ability to detox oxidized cells and the Tau protein which is a by-product if brain cells accumulate especially after heart trauma.  Detoxification of the two is important.  This can be accomplished with coconut oil used for cooking or a tablespoon in tea.  Also grape seed extract is a high anti-oxidant scavenger which will also help detox unwanted cells.  Another detoxifier is the Chinese herb Polygonum Multiflorum.  It helps protein synuclein which is part of plaque.  Other good detoxifiers besides raw fruits and vegetables are Vitamin D and fish oil.

Other supplements can include Lithium (also in colloidal minerals) which stimulates brain neurons and protects brain cells from toxins like aluminum but must be taken with fish oil for best results.

Vitamin D helps get rid of Beta Amyloids

Cumin (Turmeric) helps restore nerve damage

Coconut Oil-Absorbed by stomach and can cross blood brain barrier with medium chant Triglycerides for energy to cells, helps burn fat.

Rosemary inhibits cop enzyme to increase circulation

Estrogen in women if low inhibits oxidized cells disposal same thin in men with low testosterone

Herb Vinpocetine-increases flow to brain

Magnesium-gives help to hormone production and circulation

Calcium-deficiencies due to MSG and other toxins; eliminate MSG and take calcium supplement with magnesium and boron

Vitamin D and copper

Raw fruits and vegetables to get maximum antioxidants to fight free radicals

Kelp for Iodine

Ginko for circulation

Acetyl-z-carnitine- take in am and pm

N-Acetyl-L-cysteine before meals

CoQ10 for energy and circulation

Fish oil-helps detox Beta Amyloids

Adremal Fatigue
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Adrenal Fatigue-High stress puts the adrenal glands to work producing cortisol hormone. This is a steroid hormone that stress is not the only initiator of cortisol. It is also excreted in conjunction with pain, homeostasis, energy and memory. However, stress is its main function and prolonged stress means prolonged cortisol output and side effects. Side effects are weight gain due to craving for comfort type foods, loss of bone density, poor wound healing and thyroid output. It can also affect memory, blood pressure and raises blood sugar, plus it lowers the blood alkalinity making it acidic (low PH).

Controlling stress will reduce cortisol output and keep the adrenals from also getting stressed. You can self-test for adrenal fatigue by lying on your back and getup quickly. If dizzy this means you’ve lost blood to the brain.

To support adrenal glands you can reduce carbohydrate intake to reduce insulin output for pancreas. You should get more exercise to relieve stress, more relaxing hobbies like reading, writing and mediation (or just relaxing). Also you should detox the body along with taking a supplement of Vitamins and Colloidal minerals for the 74 trace minerals. These have chromium and aids in insulin sensitivity and which is normally deficient in pre-diabetics.

Other supplements that help are adrenal glandulars which help restore adrenal function and usually available freeze dried extracts are best. Eat high protein foods for amino acids or Braggs amino acid mix. Get protein from meats give the needed vitamin B12 and iron plus a good source of chlorophyll from vegetables like kale, spinach and other dark leafy green. Fish is also good for omega 3 and iodine which supports the thyroid

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ADHD-Could be allergies like gluten which retards blood flow and nitrates in deli meats, hotdogs and preservatives, mineral deficiency and lack of B Vitamins and make adrenals produce cortisol which is ?.  It could also be an overactive thyroid or a magnesium deficiency.  Other culprits include toxic metal body, low protein, high carbohydrates (high sugar), mineral deficiencies, Omega 3 deficiency, thyroid imbalance, amino acid deficiency and B-Complex deficiency

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Allergies-This is the reaction to what it perceives as a foreign substance that must be eliminated like food flavorings, MSG, dust, pollen, toxic cleaners, pesticides, molds, fungus, bacteria, cat dander, dust mites, certain foods like peanuts, milk (lactose), wheat (gluten), shell fish, and soy to name a few.  Finding what you one allergic to is big help but even if you know it’s hard to avoid contact.

To produce an allergen resistance body is touch but there are steps to attempt this resistance.

Step 1:  Detoxify toxins existing in the body see chapter on detoxification.  It is important to get rid of the enemy within

Step 2:  Fortify the body with a potent multivitamin to avoid vitamin deficiencies and take colloidal miners to get 74 trace minerals needed daily which includes chromium where deficiency creates a “sweet tooth”

Step 3:  Make sure your body is alkaline not acidic by using Litmus Paper Test (see chapter  ).  An acidic body is a breeding ground for bacteria and creates poor digestion and poor nutrient assimilation.  Also acidic body is usually mineral and calcium deficient because  these ? same used up trying to keep the body alkaline.  This leaves the cells deficient of calcium and ripe for disease.  Disease proliferates in an acidic environment.

Step:  Poor digestive tract bacteria leads to poor digestion, constipation, poor nutrient assimilation and constipation.  All of these are potential triggers for allergic reactions. Good bacteria from yogurt, unheated sauerkraut, raw fruit, vegetables and probiotic help feed good bacteria.  Bad bacteria become prevalent due to high sugar and high carbohydrate intake along with too much meat and over cooked foods, vegetable oils, fried foods and white flour products like bread.

Foods compatible with good bacteria other than those mentioned above is coconut oil, a really good fat and is also anti-bacterial plus a good source of energy, raw honey is good for allergies especially the “bee spit” call propropolen usually only available in a supplement or from bee keepers upon request.  In addition it dries up mucus and perfect for children and adults.

Supplements that will help fight allergies:

Vitamin C-antioxidant that also fights histamine production

Herb Stinging Nettle supplies calcium and silica for bones

Dark fruits or a bioflavionid supplement like Quercetin also reduces histamine production that starts the allergy reaction also apples and citrus

Vitamin B6 helps with adrenal gland and thyroid support to fight allergens

Grape Seed extract or ? – anti-oxidant magnesium


Sea Salt spray for stuffy nose to kill bad bacteria

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Acne-Androgen sex hormones block skin pores and aggravate the oil producing glands producing a fatty acid that the skin tries to detoxify.  The end result is a pimple.  This is why the problem decreases with age as the sex hormones begin to subside.  However, instead of waiting for old age, there are options.

It is important to have alkaline blood and not acidic blood.  Alkaline blood has a lot of oxygen plus it helps promote good digestion and circulation.  Digestion needs to be addressed by keeping your econosoids in balance which means more Omega 3 than Omega 6 which is inflammatory.  It is also necessary to have good stomach bacteria for good digestion otherwise nutrient assimilation is poor which can cause constipation.  Stomach bacteria is a balance battle between Bacteroidetes such as yogurt, sauerkraut, raw vegetables, fruit and food in general for their enzymes and Firmicutes such as sugar, carbohydrates, high fat and over cooked (dead) food.  The more Bacteroidetes there are in the digestive tract the healthier it is.  Poor digestion is the root of many ailments including acne.

It is also important to keep detoxified of toxins we pick up from the food, air and drinks we partake of daily.  You should stay hydrated and take a zinc supplement.  Take colloidal minerals which are the 74 trace minerals the body needs daily including chromium which most acne sufferers are deficient in.  Also helpful is Braggs amino acid mix and cod liver oil for fatty acids. Diets should be low sugar and low in high fat foods, no milk, no meat or poultry with hormones.

For oily skin a past of Brewer’s Yeast and water to wash the face or you can even leave on overnight.  Styptic pen and water to cover face in a white sheen to absorb the oil which you can use at night or as make-up during the day.  It has aluminum sulfate to dry the skin of oil.  Same thing is used in anti-perspirants.

Oregano Oil used topically kills bad bacteria.  It can also be taken under the tongue to kill bad bacteria internally (2 drops daily).

Another useful mask is a paste of crushed fresh strawberries, honey and egg whites.

Barberry extract can also be used topically to kill bad bacteria.  A very high dose of Vitamin A for 3 months is a proven treatment.  It has been published on the internet, but do not try it you are contemplating pregnancy.

Women and Heart Disease
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Women and heart disease always seem to crescendo after age 50. Menopause actually starts after 40 with reduction of progesterone in the body so that by the time your 60 the body’s production falls to zero. Supplementing with progesterone over the counter cream (no synthetic) should be used at the first sign of mood changes, fatigue, lack of periods and can stop fibrosis in the uterus. If your pregnant or anticipate pregnancy do not sue progesterone. Another problem after 50 years of age is estrogen production of either too little or too much. Too little produces vaginal dryness, bone density issues (estrogen helps rebuild bones). Also low body fat prevents estrogen production. Estrogen when low can increase the risk of cancer. Too much estrogen can be dealt with by reducing the hormone aromatase that converts testosterone to estrogen. Too much estrogen can initiate cancer cells especially in the breast. Natural aromatase inhibits are garlic, kale, grapefruit, broccoli, good fats from grass feed animals, coconut oil, olive oil and raw nuts. Other inhibitor foods are onions, dark fruit and vegetables for flavonoid content. Turmeric, lemons, limes, sauerkraut, sage, thyme, oregano and eta a lot of fiber as fiber bands with excess estrogen and takes it to excretion.
Both estrogen and progesterone need to be in a ratio balance to each other and the way naturally to do that is in the digestive tract with an overload of good bacteria versus bad bacteria
Hormone balance of 80% of the immune system resides in the digestive tract especially the stomach. Good bacteria is the key and accumulating a lot of good bacteria is to feed this bacteria the foods it thrives on like raw fruits and vegetables, no overcooked foods, good probiotics like yogurt, unheated sauerkraut, no processed foods, no sugar and nothing man made, no carbohydrates if possible. By the way bacteria in case you’re curious feeds on sugars, carbohydrates, well done foods, processed food and nutrient dead food like fast foods. Bad bacteria overload in the mouth is the beginning of bad bacteria overload in the digestive tract.
Once the hormone issues are resolved you can begin to concentrate on cardiovascular issues. Good digestive bacteria are a great start as it kick-starts the immune system. Avoiding reduced blood supply due to constricted arteries starts with reducing the protein produced ty the lungs called angiotensin, aka ACE. This is what ace inhibitors are all about. People with excess amounts of angiotensin production are in cardiovascular distress. This can be dealt with naturally with natural ace inhibitors
Garlic-500mg, 3 cloves of raw garlic daily
CoQ10 enzyme-250mg, two times daily
Fish Oil-1000mg daily
L-Arginine-an amino acid that dilates blood vessels-2000mg, two times daily.
Hawthorne Berry Extract-500mg, 2 times daily, has a lot of flavonoids and dilates blood vessels
Raw Celery-The enzyme in celery dissolves artery plaque

The next cardiovascular is to keep adrenal gland hormones in balance which for those of you on Beta Blocker pills already know. This is to control stress production of the hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine. You can treat this naturally with the items mentioned for controlling artery constriction. In addition take the following herbs:

Hawthorn Berry Extract-500 mg daily or 20 drops daily of tincture, two times daily
Indian Snake Root extract-20 drops daily
Last but not least is to control body fluids so you don’t swell up or retain too much salt which makes your blood thicker, dense and harder to pump raising blood pressure. Normally this is known as diuretic pills to reduce sodium absorption in the kidneys. Better than messing with the kidneys with pills just add more liquid to your diet to flush out excess salt and more potassium to naturally balance the salt without being potassium deficient. Potassium, 250mg daily and eat potassium rich foods like parsley, watermelon, lemon water, celery, beets, ginger, apple cider vinegar, cranberry juice (no sugar added), tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, carrots and asparagus.

As a side note, aging which brings with it a lot of health issues is spurred along with the inflammatory production of Interkin-6 hormone. Fighting aging means reducing Interlukin-6 production by consuming a lot of flavonoids (dark fruit and vegetables) a natural inhibitor of Interlukin-6. Blueberries, black berries, dark leafy greens, strawberries, herbal teas, cranberries, cherries, asparagus, spinach, cocoa, raw honey, basil, thyme, beans, apples and red wine.

Acid Reflux in Infants
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Because infants can’t talk to tell you what is wrong, you as a parent must look for the signs.  This underdiagnosed problem is quite common since runny noses and spitting up is attributed to allergies.  This underdiagnosed condition leads to crankiness because the child is uncomfortable.  The key to symptoms I spitting up combined with a runny nose and an arched back in an effort to rid the reflux of acid.  Keep in mind babies do not have the same kind of bacteria as older children since the acclimation takes time. This is why parents should not feed table food to babies and should be weaned slowly off baby food to allow a variety of bacteria to take hold.