Adremal Fatigue
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Adrenal Fatigue-High stress puts the adrenal glands to work producing cortisol hormone. This is a steroid hormone that stress is not the only initiator of cortisol. It is also excreted in conjunction with pain, homeostasis, energy and memory. However, stress is its main function and prolonged stress means prolonged cortisol output and side effects. Side effects are weight gain due to craving for comfort type foods, loss of bone density, poor wound healing and thyroid output. It can also affect memory, blood pressure and raises blood sugar, plus it lowers the blood alkalinity making it acidic (low PH).

Controlling stress will reduce cortisol output and keep the adrenals from also getting stressed. You can self-test for adrenal fatigue by lying on your back and getup quickly. If dizzy this means you’ve lost blood to the brain.

To support adrenal glands you can reduce carbohydrate intake to reduce insulin output for pancreas. You should get more exercise to relieve stress, more relaxing hobbies like reading, writing and mediation (or just relaxing). Also you should detox the body along with taking a supplement of Vitamins and Colloidal minerals for the 74 trace minerals. These have chromium and aids in insulin sensitivity and which is normally deficient in pre-diabetics.

Other supplements that help are adrenal glandulars which help restore adrenal function and usually available freeze dried extracts are best. Eat high protein foods for amino acids or Braggs amino acid mix. Get protein from meats give the needed vitamin B12 and iron plus a good source of chlorophyll from vegetables like kale, spinach and other dark leafy green. Fish is also good for omega 3 and iodine which supports the thyroid

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