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Alzheimer’s-Many theories exist on how this disease gets started in the brain such as:  toxic build-up of aluminum from cooking in pots and pans and anti-perspirants which have aluminum sulfate.  Aluminum enters the brain due to calcium, magnesium ansilica deficiencies.  As it enters it inhibits the production of the myelin sheathing that protects the nerve allowing beta amyloids to flourish.  Also deficiencies in mineral and trace minerals in the western diets since westerners have the highest rates of Alzheimer’s in the world.  Alzheimer’s is also referred to by some as a form of diabetes due to the high consumption and is the root of many ailments afflicting the western world.  Another theory is that Beta amyloids accumulate and slows down the brains ability to detox oxidized cells and the Tau protein which is a by-product if brain cells accumulate especially after heart trauma.  Detoxification of the two is important.  This can be accomplished with coconut oil used for cooking or a tablespoon in tea.  Also grape seed extract is a high anti-oxidant scavenger which will also help detox unwanted cells.  Another detoxifier is the Chinese herb Polygonum Multiflorum.  It helps protein synuclein which is part of plaque.  Other good detoxifiers besides raw fruits and vegetables are Vitamin D and fish oil.

Other supplements can include Lithium (also in colloidal minerals) which stimulates brain neurons and protects brain cells from toxins like aluminum but must be taken with fish oil for best results.

Vitamin D helps get rid of Beta Amyloids

Cumin (Turmeric) helps restore nerve damage

Coconut Oil-Absorbed by stomach and can cross blood brain barrier with medium chant Triglycerides for energy to cells, helps burn fat.

Rosemary inhibits cop enzyme to increase circulation

Estrogen in women if low inhibits oxidized cells disposal same thin in men with low testosterone

Herb Vinpocetine-increases flow to brain

Magnesium-gives help to hormone production and circulation

Calcium-deficiencies due to MSG and other toxins; eliminate MSG and take calcium supplement with magnesium and boron

Vitamin D and copper

Raw fruits and vegetables to get maximum antioxidants to fight free radicals

Kelp for Iodine

Ginko for circulation

Acetyl-z-carnitine- take in am and pm

N-Acetyl-L-cysteine before meals

CoQ10 for energy and circulation

Fish oil-helps detox Beta Amyloids

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