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Acne-Androgen sex hormones block skin pores and aggravate the oil producing glands producing a fatty acid that the skin tries to detoxify.  The end result is a pimple.  This is why the problem decreases with age as the sex hormones begin to subside.  However, instead of waiting for old age, there are options.

It is important to have alkaline blood and not acidic blood.  Alkaline blood has a lot of oxygen plus it helps promote good digestion and circulation.  Digestion needs to be addressed by keeping your econosoids in balance which means more Omega 3 than Omega 6 which is inflammatory.  It is also necessary to have good stomach bacteria for good digestion otherwise nutrient assimilation is poor which can cause constipation.  Stomach bacteria is a balance battle between Bacteroidetes such as yogurt, sauerkraut, raw vegetables, fruit and food in general for their enzymes and Firmicutes such as sugar, carbohydrates, high fat and over cooked (dead) food.  The more Bacteroidetes there are in the digestive tract the healthier it is.  Poor digestion is the root of many ailments including acne.

It is also important to keep detoxified of toxins we pick up from the food, air and drinks we partake of daily.  You should stay hydrated and take a zinc supplement.  Take colloidal minerals which are the 74 trace minerals the body needs daily including chromium which most acne sufferers are deficient in.  Also helpful is Braggs amino acid mix and cod liver oil for fatty acids. Diets should be low sugar and low in high fat foods, no milk, no meat or poultry with hormones.

For oily skin a past of Brewer’s Yeast and water to wash the face or you can even leave on overnight.  Styptic pen and water to cover face in a white sheen to absorb the oil which you can use at night or as make-up during the day.  It has aluminum sulfate to dry the skin of oil.  Same thing is used in anti-perspirants.

Oregano Oil used topically kills bad bacteria.  It can also be taken under the tongue to kill bad bacteria internally (2 drops daily).

Another useful mask is a paste of crushed fresh strawberries, honey and egg whites.

Barberry extract can also be used topically to kill bad bacteria.  A very high dose of Vitamin A for 3 months is a proven treatment.  It has been published on the internet, but do not try it you are contemplating pregnancy.

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