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Autism-A bad bacteria in the stomach called Sutterella Wadsworth is only found in autistic children.  This bacterium is infectious and resistant to lots of pharmaceutical drugs.  Autism unfortunately develops in the early years of life between the ages of 1 and 3 and is difficult to detect.  How best to avoid autism may start at birth or before birth in the womb or how the baby’s micro flow digestive tract is formed.  We know that autistic children have a deficiency branch chained amino acids which are normally produced in the body.  This deficiency causes loss of appetite and food intake which is the opposite of what an autistic child needs since they are high energy bodies.  Supplements need to be Bragg’s Amino Acids which contain branched amino acids.  Other suggested supplements should include Colloidal Minerals for all Trace Minerals, Digestive Enzymes and yogurt. Unheated sauerkraut is suggested for better digestion because it contains good bacteria and helps eliminate bad bacteria.

Also N-Acetyl-Cysteine helps increase Glutathione which is the body’s main detoxifier and autistic children’s is low.  Take DMG which helps with detoxification and stamina.  Take this subsequently because DMF is produced in the body as an amino acid, as it increases blood oxygen and decreases aggressiveness.  Make sure your DMG supplement contains Folic Acid or Folate and Vitamin B12.

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