The following is just a few of the many responses that we have received about our tea.

This tea has saved my life! I had type two diabetes and had issues with sugar and needed a great tea to help reverse and control my health. Dr Randy’s Tea did it for me! Thanks Dr. Randy!!!

Scott Wells,
Council Bluffs MT

Great flavor, great price. 

Fred B.,
New Haven, CT

During the harsh winters that we have up here in Maine, I was always feeling sick, congested and always under the weather. I wanted to feel better, improve my mood and be more productive at the challenges life has to offer. I decided to give Dr Randy’s loose tea a try and within three weeks of consuming this wonderful concoction of 21 herbs, I feel very energetic.

I feel like a million bucks!

John Marzano,
Bangor ME

I just wanted to let you know that this tea is AWESOME!  I definitely feel much better after drinking your tea each day.  And your blog has some great info.  Thanks!

Jenny H.,
Abington, PA

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Thank you again for choosing our Herbal Tea!

Dr. Randy,
Dr. Randy’s Herbal Tea and Herbs.