Dr. Randy’s Herbal Tea and Herbs are medicinally oriented for individuals wanting to maintain or improve their health. These recipes were developed by Dr. Randy while earning his Doctor of Naturopathy degree at Clayton College of Natural Health. Dr. Randy’s mission was to create tea and herbs that reinforced the body’s immune system. Each batch of tea and herbs are hand blended and individually made by Dr. Randy.

While serving overseas in the United States Armed Forces, Dr. Randy achieved the rank of First Degree Black Belt with the United States Judo Association and is a former AAU Weightlifter. Dr. Randy understands that maintaining a healthy body is paramount. At the age of 65, Dr. Randy not only lifts weights daily, but he has not been sick in over 37 years. Dr. Randy believes that his diet, in combination with the tea and herbs, are the secret to his longevity of good health.